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Immuno-oncology: the next generation of breakthrough therapies

21st June 2019
St Hilda's College, Oxford

08.30 Registration and coffee
09.25 Welcome and introduction - Dr. Peter Weber, Immunocore Ltd., UK
Session 1: Introduction to novel immunotherapies and T-cell targets
Chair: Dr Peter Weber, Immunocore Ltd., UK
09.30 Professor Mark Middleton, University of Oxford, UK
‘Sifting the surfeit of novel immunotherapies: a phase 1 triallist’s view'
10.10 Professor Andrew Sewell, University of Cardiff, UK
‘New T-cell Receptor Targets by dissection of successful cancer immunotherapy'
10.50 Coffee break
Session 2: TCR-based biotherapeutics
Chair: Dr. Stephen Wren, Kingston University London, UK
11.10 Dr. Joseph Dukes, Immunocore Ltd., UK
‘Advancing the ImmTAC TCR-Based Bi-specific Biologic Platform: Preclinical data on the next clinical ImmTAC molecules'
11.50 Dr. Carsten Reinhardt, Immatics biotechnologies GmbH, Germany
‘T cell receptors as source of next wave immune-oncology therapies'
12.30 Lunch
Session 3: Small molecule approaches
Chair: Dr. Andy Sykes, AstraZeneca, UK
13.30 Dr. Joern-Peter Halle, Merck KGaA, Germany
‘Going beyond combinations, bi-specific and bi-functional approaches in IO'
14.10 Dr. Simon Barry, AstraZeneca, UK
‘Small molecule approaches to immune oncology'
14.50 Coffee break
Session 4: Vaccines and gene therapy
Chair: Dr. James Ritchie, Cancer Research UK, UK
15.10 Professor Chris Ottensmeier, University of Southampton, UK
‘Cancer vaccines: coming back from oblivion'
15.50 Dr. David Krige, PsiOxus Therapeutics Limited, UK
‘Systemic delivery of localized combination immuno-gene therapy within the tumour microenvironment'
16.30 Closing comments and end of meeting - Dr. James Ritchie


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