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Innovative partnerships for medicines research: how is the landscape evolving?

15th June 2017
Cambridge Building, Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge CB22 3AT


The discovery and development of new drugs to treat many of society’s most complex and inadequately treated diseases remains a lengthy, high risk and high cost endeavour. While overall R&D costs continue to increase, the output in terms of new drug launches, especially for challenging diseases like cancer and neurodegenerative conditions, have failed to improve. Coupled to increasingly stringent requirements from regulators, payers and patients, endemically high attrition in Pharma R&D have prompted many in the research community to question the long-term viability of current drug discovery and development models.

The last decade has seen a dramatic increase in the number of new research institutes being established with the aim of improving the efficiency and success rates of drug discovery and development, by deploying innovative new business models. Central to the mission of these organizations is to identify improved routes for translation of novel preclinical research findings into more successful clinical outcomes; which still remains as one of the greatest challenges. New institutes from the academic, government, charitable and private funding sectors are increasingly being viewed as critical components of a new evolving eco-system focused on collaborative drug discovery and development.

This one day symposium follows on from a previous SMR meeting held in 2013 entitled, “Partnerships: Future Models for Drug Discovery”. It will explore how many of these institutes have developed and discuss how successful they have been in addressing some of the major challenges faced by the Pharma today. Bringing together senior representatives from Pharma, biotech, academia, public sector and charitable institutions, the impressive programme of speakers will highlight many innovative new models of drug discovery and development, together with some of the experiences, lessons learned and future strategies. At the close of the meeting, a panel discussion will be held with all the speakers, giving attendees an opportunity to engage in further debate around some of the topics presented.  

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