Thursday 3rd December 2020
Online meeting

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NOTE: This will now be held as an online meeting. Details of how to attend will be sent to delegates after registration.

Advanced Therapies such as genetic medicines or genetically engineered cell-based drugs are coming of age, with the recent approvals of CAR T-cell therapies and Luxterna, Zolgensma, Onpattro and Exondys 51 demonstrating the validity of these approaches in the treatment of a range of medical conditions. Such therapies offer the potential to treat and even cure previously intractable diseases, for example those associated with specific genetic abnormalities.

This meeting that will provide an overview of emerging approaches the field of genetic medicines through a range of project presentations on cutting-edge modalities and their application in a range of therapeutic areas.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Anna Perdrix Rosell, SixFold Bio - Building targeted delivery systems - increasing safety and efficacy for oligonucleotide-based therapeutics in oncology
  • Brian Bigger, University of Manchester - Haematopoietic stem cell gene therapies for neurological diseases: How do we widen participation and scope?
  • Flash Talks from early career researchers
  • Zandy Forbes, MeiraGTx - Next generation gene therapies - optimizing the current toolkit
  • David Blakey, MiNA Therapeutics - Small Activating RNAs a novel therapeutic approach to upregulate target genes building on the clinical success of siRNAs
  • Lewis Brayshaw, GSK - Development of next-generation T cell therapies: the immune system meets synthetic and chemical biology
  • Lucie Bruijn, Novartis Gene Therapies - Gene Therapy for SMA: The translational Journey

Early career researcher flash talks
In addition to the confirmed speakers, there will be an opportunity for early career researchers to present a 5-10 minute talk on topics aligned to this theme in front of the full audience Please submit a one-page abstract (using these guidelines) by Friday 20 November 2020 to

10 student rate
20 member rate
45 non-member rate

The Society's AGM will be held as a separate online event during December.
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