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Partnerships: Future Models for Drug Discovery

20th June 2013
 Hosted by Lilly at the Manor House Conference Centre, Erl Wood Manor, Windlesham, Surrey UK.


The challenges for the discovery and development of new medicines have never been greater. Increasingly stringent requirements from regulators and payers coupled with unsustainable rates of attrition have created a challenging landscape which has prompted many to question the viability and sustainability of current practices. In particular, the big Pharma model, which has been the successful discovery and development engine for decades, has been shaken, with major site closures and withdrawal from therapeutic areas perceived as higher risk.

Nonetheless, the need for new medicines remains compelling and new ways of working must be found to deliver innovation. This timely meeting explores the new paradigms emerging in drug discovery and development, bringing together senior figures from the worlds of big Pharma, academia, public and charitable institutions. These speakers will highlight opportunities for future models to lead to successful research and development programmes and explore the changing dynamic of interactions between the traditional models of academia, funders and industry.

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